3D-Coordinate Export as CSV in Cinema 4D

Quick and dirty frame-by-frame coordinate export with Python and Xpresso


Art exhibition: On the way through Leonardo da Vinci’s concept city. By bicycle.

Illustrations for my computer graphics lectures

Illustrations and figures for my lectures in 3D computer graphics

Bookcovers & Editorial Design

Illustrations for print publishing


Concert photography

Rock ’n Roll with two Nikons

Atmosphere in Virtual Reality

Science project: How to enhance experiences in virtual reality

Art Exhibition: Super Nubibus

Interactive VR Installation for ZKM Karlsruhe

Robotic chess

Artworks for a space comic

Scientific Renderings

3D models for research projects

Going for a walk

A how-to for a forgotten art

RGB to color temperature

and vice versa with a Python script

Spherical VR photography

Enabling classic photo genres in virtual reality

Dealing with light pollution

Ideas for better photos in not so great places

Marble run

Physical simulation in C4D with Python


Free 4K textures for 3D applications

Game prototypes

Graphic outputs from the Game Jams

Anilin Alpha

Free demo font: How much anchors can you handle?

Abraxas Alpha

The free font for pirates, knights and rock ’n roll

MaxMSP as drumcontroller

Enabling Yamaha DTX in MaxMSP

Cheesy Landscapes

Looking for some postcard stuff?


Free font: »AMBOSS« – the font for the hard dudes


Collection of long time exposures from the last years

Eisenharts Erbe

Free font: Let the 50s roll!

Alpine Expedition

Exploring the Grand Traversata Delle Alpi


Unleash the color correction power of Photoshop in Premiere


Visions from the end of the world


What is this? A center for ants?

Wildlife photography

Snapshots of curious eyes between happy little trees